Saturday, October 4, 2014

Close To Home

I have personally had a deep desire to travel all around the world (for quite a while now). 
I sometimes have this idea in mind that I can only capture incredible out of this world imagery by heading somewhere new and exciting and finding locations and landscapes I have never experienced first hand. 

Living in a great location like Alberta though I am quite frequently reminded that this mindset is often incorrect and the incredible imagery and landscapes I seek to capture are a scenic road-trip away.
For instance this image was taken in beautiful Kananaskis Country (an enjoyable 1 hour drive from my home in Calgary), my car was parked literally 10-15 steps away. Not more than 5 minutes before I stopped to take some shots at this location I was lucky enough to sit back (safely in my car) and watch a small black bear casually munching away at some forest foliage for 10-15 minutes.

While I am still very keen to adventure around the world, it's moments and locations like this that remind me of what an amazing and beautiful place I live in. Times like these also keep me stoked to get out and shoot regularly.

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