Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Smalls : #SlightReturn Tour

I recently was afforded the opportunity to not only see a band I grew up raging to as a kid in Okotoks (and other neighboring towns around southern Alberta), but to also shoot some photos of The Smalls on their Slight Return tour that is currently ongoing. The Smalls have been on a 13 year hiatus and this tour was a rare opportunity to see them play one more time.

This was my first time shooting at Flames Central (located downtown in Calgary, Alberta) and found it quite a bit more challenging than I initially anticipated. There was already a group of media individuals involved with "The smalls: forever is a long time" documentary working the stage front/mosh pit and I did not want to get in their way so I opted to shoot at various locations around the venue within the crowd.
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I was provided and look forward to getting better with each new opportunity and challenge!

Definitely some learning lessons that came from the experience that I hope to apply in future event photography opportunities. While admittedly not my strongest body of work, the concert was filled with great people and fantastic tunes, hopefully the shots I did get can bring out some fond memories of this rare experience for people.