Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RandomRoadtrip : New Photo Series

I have, in recent months, found myself struggling to generate any creative new photo work or ideas, always seeming to head out to the mountains in hopes of finding some perfect moment or view, or whatever. Needless to say it just hasn't been working. I needed to find some sort of new outlet to spark the creative juices. 

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a seminar hosted
by local Calgary photographer Jeremy Fokkens (I highly recommend you check out his work, it's truly fantastic stuff!). During this seminar he showcased his beautiful body of work from Nepal & Bangladesh as well as a brilliant new project called "Back to the Land" in which he is showing-casing the amazing people and landscapes of Canada.

This seminar ended up happening at the perfect time for me. I am currently in the process of planning a (LONG overdue) trip to backpack around SE Asia starting this fall in which I hope to generate a body of new travel work I can truly be proud of, as well as change up my lifestyle a bit. But the seminar ended up being two-fold as I quickly realized that I've barely seen any of my own home country of Canada. So I decided before I leave in the fall I should take the time to check out as many parts of Canada as I can, capturing some of the lesser seen places of this beautiful country. I already highly enjoy jumping in the car and just driving aimlessly for hours looking for cool stuff to shoot.
(side note, I'm strangely obsessed with abandoned buildings and forgotten places) 

And with that I decided to start the #RandomRoadtrip series. This will be an ongoing collection of personal work for me that I hope others will also enjoy, and maybe also inspire them to jump in the car and drive in any random direction with no set course. I'm am not much of (at all) a portrait photographer, so for me this series will be showcasing the beautiful landscapes, abandoned buildings and forgotten gems I encounter while driving along rural and township roads of this massive country. I actually commonly work at eliminating people from my landscape photography leaning more towards a minimalist approach. This series will also serve as an avenue for me to develop my blogging/writing skillset (at which I'm pretty rusty). I'd like to be comfortable and versed in this process before I head overseas so I can share in all the awesomeness that this world has to offer.

To start this personal photo series off I thought "Hey, I've never been to Saskatchewan ... might as well pack my car with photo and camping gear and go!".

My next coming blog post will go into more detail about day 1 of my trip out to SW Saskatchewan ... hope you decide to check back regularly and follow along!

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